Dr Suzanne Goodman, the founder of 9 Dragon’s Coaching and Training
Leadership Programs, brings more than 30 years experience in education,
leadership and coaching to her company.

Dr Goodman was personally trained by the former coach to Steve Jobs, John
Mattone. Suzanne has adapted and expanded the Intelligent Leadership™
Program to best suit a variety of management positions, ranging from
upcoming entrepreneurs and middle-management to C-suite executives.

Her extensive experience was gathered in Australia and Asia Pacific
markets and her unique approach to training has proven remarkably
successful in maximising the leadership strengths in all her clients.

Change yourself. Change (y)our world.

Do you feel as if

  • You need to improve leadership among a middle management team?
  • You are struggling to lead a major change of initiative?
  • Your company has a strategy but it is not working properly?
  • Your career has stagnated?
  • You feel overwhelmed?
  • You feel conflicted about your next career steps?
  • Your problem is not listed? –Email Suzanne to discuss.

Dr Suzanne Goodman’s Leadership Programs are unique because she

  • Is the only certified Intelligent Leadership Executive Master Coach in Western Australia.
  • Incorporates over 30 years plus experience as a leader in Australia and Asia Pacific markets.
  • Utilises a remarkable framework for leadership and career development.
  • Return on Investment is assured.
  • Has developed cutting edge online courses and training modules to suit your needs.
  • Is here to elevate you from manager to aspiring leader.

Take control of your leadership performance.

Great Leaders possess a set of values and character elements that are aligned with those values and character elements that drive success in leaders. Great leaders are connected to the mission, values and goals of an organisation. Click below for a free, scientifically validated survey to discover your unique character strengths.

*Bonus: 5 Leadership Tips to display in your office. Download the FREE PDF here.*


Suzanne Goodman – coach extraordinaire… People couldn’t stop commenting on how my energy had changed… I could not have had a better experience.

A. Gork, editor, USA

I have found Suzanne exactly the right coach who motivated me so much …which resulted in me completing tasks which I had thought I would never be able to do

HR Manager, Pakistan

Suzanne has a warm, generous coaching style with some useful tools and insights … I would definitely recommend her as a coach

D. Jones, Switzerland

Suzanne is a warm hearted, energetic and professional coach … her rich and strong personality, positive energy and professionalism make her a very efficient coach who will challenge and support you as needed

S. Preussker, ex- International Banker, Hong Kong

Very good!! I went from an initial self-assessment of 3 out of 10 to a 6/7 out of 10 in improving my communication skills and confidence

M. Zuo, Multinational company, China

I was inspired and honoured to be coached by someone of Dr Goodman’s calibre

International Shipping Company, China

We connected at a deeper level as we trusted her. ..Her coaching helped us all towards gaining better professional standards in the hospitality industry. And she always surpassed our expectations.

Yoyo Cheng , Former, Human Resource Manager, China

Suzanne is warm and authentic. She is highly accomplished academically, yet very accessible to connect with.

K. Gurgul, coach

Dr Goodman did excellent preparation and research…My colleagues learned to express themselves and become more confident.

Manuel Staerkle, Guest Services Manager, China

She has a wonderful sense of humour and frequently asked me to make my action steps full of joy

K. Graham, Small Business Owner, USA

Feedback from the team was very positive and we had seen significant improvement.

E Leung, General Manager, China

I found you very inspiring. You identified a lot of barriers I have been having in my workplace.

2017 attendee at the United Nations Women’s Committee

Dr Goodman is an internationally accredited coach who has contributed to numerous coaching and training projects around the world. Here are two of the many testimonials from her satisfied clients.

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