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What is Intelligent Leadership?

Intelligent Leadership is a comprehensive leadership concept. It is designed for exceptional people who want to break through the (largely self-imposed) limits that prevent them from reaching their full potential. It is effective, strategic, operationally sound, and is practiced by energetic, passionate people. Intelligent Leadership doesn’t just happen but is the product of intentional choices and practices that have the ability to unlock opportunities beyond what might be apparent at first.

Intelligent Leadership means much more than just “Intelligence plus Leadership.”

Whether or not a person reaches the status of world-renowned leader, their character (or lack thereof) has an enormous impact on how they are remembered, regarded, and talked about.

The conscious choices we make wherever we stand on the corporate ladder add up to strong or weak character. It’s often not easy to make the right choices, and everyone is sure to make mistakes sometimes. But Intelligent Leadership puts a person in a contest not with others, but with themselves, and a habit of continually striving for improvement, authenticity, and just plain doing what is right, even if it’s hard, is what eventually turns a good leader into a great one.

Enter John Mattone, Steve Job’s ex-coach and the world’s number one authority on Intelligent Leadership. I was honoured to be trained by John in Intelligent Leadership so that I could help my clients truly reach their greatness as they learn the details of their inner- and outer- core characteristics, their own tendencies, and the risks their unique leadership style entails. Better still, they learn how to make the most of the gifts they possess, and how to address areas where there is room for improvement. Intelligent Leadership means much more than just “intelligence plus leadership.”

Leadership is about honesty.

Targeted coaching that aims for real prescriptions for strengthening both a leader’s inner and outer core characteristics helps today’s and tomorrow’s leaders recognize and seize the amazing opportunities they will encounter. At the same time, coaching helps them avoid and mitigate risks that are increasingly common in a fast-paced, high-stakes business world. It is the leaders who are willing to understand what’s in their hearts and minds, and who are honest and objective about their inner- and outer-core characteristics that have the greatest chance of not just being good leaders, but of being legendary ones. (Reference: Mattone, J. (2013) Intelligent Leadership: What You Need to Know to Unlock Your Full Potential. New York: AMACON)

How do you bring exceptional leadership skills to an organisation?

Intelligent Leadership involves cultivating the heart, mind, and soul in order to bring exceptional leadership skills to an organization. In John Mattone’s book, Intelligent Leadership, he describes a process based on empirical research that uses a leader’s inner-core strengths and outer-core competencies.

Intelligent Leadership isn’t about fitting into a mould, but about shaping one’s own destiny with tools like hard work, integrity, compassion, and the ability to listen.

The leaders who have achieved it are the ones who have left their mark and inspired others, paving the way for the exceptional leaders of the future. (Reference: Mattone, J. (2013) Intelligent Leadership: What You Need to Know to Unlock Your Full Potential. New York: AMACON)

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How are leaders judged?

A leader’s character (or lack thereof) has an enormous impact on how they are remembered, regarded, and talked about. Leaders cannot lead effectively unless they know themselves. We all know that trying to be someone you fundamentally are not eventually derails. Therefore, leaders must know, “This is how I am.” Intelligent leaders, in addition to knowing “This is how I am,” know their own character and values, as well as how they are manifested outwardly in their work.

To delve into this deeper, Dr. Suzanne Goodman uses a unique tool called the MLEI to help measure leadership maturity. Yes, that’s right – a leader’s maturity level.

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