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The Benefits of Intelligent Leadership

Even the best leader is imperfect, states John Mattone, No 1 World’s authority on Intelligent Leadership. No one should think of Intelligent Leadership as being entirely without flaws, but the benefits of Intelligent Leadership can be disproportionately good compared to the effort that goes into it.

  • Character – One of the main benefits of Intelligent Leadership is that everyone works within the security of knowing their leader has consistency of character. The leader is not going to change the rules, lie, or otherwise throw people under the proverbial bus to make things easier in the short run.
  • Time Saver – Another critically important benefit of Intelligent Leadership is that it saves time. Intelligent Leadership is deliberate and clear in communication. Team members don’t get mixed signals or conflicting instructions, so time isn’t wasted clearing up confusion or going back and redoing things that were done incorrectly. Everyone moves forward, without having to backtrack, and that fuels momentum to accomplish big goals.
  • Appreciation – Intelligent leaders set an example for others, and at the same time they make sure others know how valued they are. Everyone, whatever their function in an organization, needs to feel appreciated in order to bother giving their best, and Intelligent Leadership understands and practices this. At the same time, intelligent leaders continually thirst for wisdom. They know they never will have “arrived,” because the world will continue to change, like it or not.
  • Long Lasting Reward – The benefits of Intelligent Leadership are evident in the moment, and they’re evident over time. Today, team members know what is expected of them and know they are appreciated. Tomorrow, they will be able to look back on something amazing and have the satisfaction of knowing they were a valued part of it.

(Reference: Mattone, J. (2013) Intelligent Leadership: What You Need to Know to Unlock Your Full Potential. New York: AMACON).

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