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Understanding your Strengths and Weaknesses: The Key to Reaching Your Full Potential

Gaining a greater understanding of yourself does not only bring more happiness and growth to your personal life. It also helps you perform better at work. Being completely aware of what your motivators are, as well as what your strengths and weaknesses are, can help you determine where your areas of potential growth truly lie.

There is a belief that someone’s weaknesses are just areas waiting to be developed into strengths. The thing is – it’s not always the case for everyone. For some people, weaknesses are just that – limitations and difficulties. After all, no one is perfect. People can be good at one thing, but not so good at another. And if you become totally certain and accepting of what you’re real weaknesses are, you’ll then realise that you need not focus in those areas. You can ‘shift your gears’ and bring your attention to other things – your strengths.

When you fully grasp the fact that no one can be good at everything, it changes your focus. Accepting your flaws will bring your attention to the things that truly matter, which are working on your strengths and recognising your positive motivators.

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By acknowledging your limitations, you will prevent yourself from engaging in areas of your work where you cannot make a great impact. You will no longer focus on the tasks that are making you seem less valuable than you are. By understanding what motivates you and which areas of your work are best suited for your skills, you are placing yourself in beneficial situations. Most importantly, you are allowing yourself to shine.

When you understand and admit both your strengths and weaknesses, you are in a better state to create well-rounded teams that will have an easier time accomplishing tasks. Your colleagues will feel your sincerity and humility that they will be inspired to be honest with themselves, too. Since you know where you struggle, you will be able to give chance to others, allowing your team members to excel in the areas where you don’t.

Recognising your motivations will also give you a good idea of what projects are worth pursuing, which teams you should join and where you truly belong. The more you know about yourself, the less likely you are to find yourself struggling on a project that leaves you feeling unmotivated and lost.

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